Food Allergies

Like so many people in the world today, I developed food allergies that were very unexpected.  They have literally changed how I eat, what I eat, and how I think about food.  In many ways, food allergies changed several aspects of my life, some for the better.  Having food allergies impacts your life in ways you would expect: what to do when you go to a restaurant, who do you trust to prepare your food, what to do if you’re attending a party, what do other people in the household do to protect you from allergens, etc.  However, it can also affect you in ways you might not expect too:  will it affect your social life, will you develop anxiety suddenly, will your child become a pickier eater because they have become fearful of foods based on negative experiences, will you feel depressed about these lifestyle changes, etc.  It also affects how you read labels when you shop and what products you buy.  As a result, you need to think about your budget for groceries and how things may change if you have to buy egg replacer instead of a dozen eggs.  Although not everyone experiences it, having a food allergy can cause anxiety for the person with allergies as well as their immediate family members.  One of the reasons I created this blog is to offer a resource to people with food allergies.  I hope that you can find comfort in knowing you are NOT alone, and I truly hope you can find either recipes or other helpful information on this site.  


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bowl of pecans