Please be aware that not all of these companies are completely gluten free or vegan. You should always read labels and ingredients to ensure safety when purchasing a product. Sometimes ingredients change, so be aware of what you are buying each time you shop.


  1. Enjoy Life – (chocolate chips/chunks, baking mixes, cookies, and more). Fantastic company, major allergen free! I always use their chips and chunks for baking. Their crispy cookies are great for making a cookie pie crust or topping on a cake. Their new boxed mixes are a nice addition to their collection of allergen free products; the brownie mix was a huge hit at a party we had a few months ago. They apparently ‘tasted like real brownies’, as I was told by some of my guests. I have not tried the other ones yet. Let me know what you think if you try them! 
  2. So Delicious – (milks, cheeses, yogurts, ice creams, and a large variety of product options). I am a big fan of their ice creams – cashew or coconut milk based. I also eat their coconut milk yogurts all the time. Awesome customer service and they will send you coupons sometimes if you ask! 
  3. Earth Balance – (butters, spreads, margarines). They offer several different options and they are available at many stores.  Read labels carefully though because these products often contain pea protein, which some people need to avoid.
  4. Hail Merry – (raw macaroons). I find these completely addicting – the chocolate ones are my favorite for sure, and the only ones that are almond free for those avoiding almonds. The products are a little expensive, but if you buy them online, you can really save!  I also wait until they go on sale, and then I stock up. 
  5. Bob’s Red Mill – (flours, baking mixes, starches, gums, etc.). Consistent produce quality and relatively easy to find at local stores. 
  6. Arrowhead Mills – (flours, baking mixes). They are also relatively easy to find at local stores.
  7. Ancient Harvest – (flours, gluten free grains and pastas, mixes). I only buy their quinoa flour and boxed plain quinoa. I know some people like their pastas too, but I have not tried them. 
  8. Musselman’s – (applesauce and pureed fruit products). I love their organic unsweetened applesauce. I use it for baking and snacking! 
  9. Treeline – (cheeses). I am obsessed with their cashew cream cheeses! Look for their products on sale because they are expensive. When you have no other choices for cream cheese though, it is worth it to splurge sometimes (like when you’re going to a party and they are serving cream cheese and bagels and you’re trying to duplicate the menu best you can…showing up with Treeline cheese and some gluten free bread/bagels is a good plan). 
  10. Follow Your Heart – (cheeses, dips, sauces, Veganaise, etc.). I found this company when I was eating more soy based products and absolutely loved their mozzarella cheese and Veganaise! I switched to their non-dairy, non-soy cheese when I stopped eating soy and it is a reasonable substitute. The mozzarella slices are great on crackers or sandwiches. I buy the mozzarella block as well for shredding and cubing. I am not a fan of the other flavors, but maybe they will appeal to you. 
  11. Organic Valley Dairy Products – (lactose free yogurts, milks, sour creams, etc.). I can sometimes tolerate small amounts of yogurt like these because they are lactose free; this company makes a lactose free, lovely, velvety yogurt that is also organic. I have not tried their other products, but I hear that they are just as wonderful. 
  12. Spectrum Oils – (all different kinds of oils, chia products) – I buy their coconut oil for baking and have always found it to be a good quality oil. I have also bought their chia seed, ground chia, and their flax seed. 
  13. Nutiva Organics – (oils, seeds, hemp products, etc.). I buy their coconut oil for baking as an alternative to Spectrum oils. I buy whichever one is on sale! They have a ton of other products too. 
  14. Go Raw – (lots of snacks that are raw, mostly nut or seed based). I like their coconut crisps because they are quite tasty and are extremely low in sugar! The chocolate ones are my favorite, of course, but the sea salt and vinegar ones aren’t bad either. Some of my friends really like their ‘bars’ and say that they are satisfying. 
  15. Nature’s Path – (Rice Cereal & Corn Flakes) – I buy their rice cereal, a take on gluten free rice crispies, regularly. Their corn flakes are also a nice cereal too. They both can be used in other recipes such as homemade cereal bars or as breading for chicken. 
  16. Tinkyada Brown Rice Pastas – (spirals, rigatoni, shells, etc.). I have tried a lot of gluten free pastas in the last few years and this is definitely my favorite for a few reasons. It is super easy to cook; you put your water and pasta in the pot, let it come to a boil, and then turn off the heat. Leave it covered to steep in its own heat for 15 more minutes. Done. I also like that it has a very mild flavor compared to some other gluten free pastas. Lastly, many of my ‘gluten eating relatives’ like it too, including some of the kids. Oh, and most importantly, if you cook it too long, it does NOT turn into mushy goop and it reheats well the next day for leftovers! 
  17. Explore Asian – (bean pastas, rice pastas) – Both my husband and I really like the black bean pastas they make. Super high in protein, gluten free, and can be eaten hot or cold. They taste good with sauce, without sauce, with veggies, plain, and best of all, they cook in just 8 minutes! Now that is helpful when you’re in a hurry! We also like their Thai Red Rice pastas. My husband is a big fan of Asian foods and this pasta has a Thai or jasmine rice aroma that is very welcoming. It holds up pretty well as a gluten free pasta, but it takes longer than the bean pasta to cook. 
  18. Lundberg – (Lots of different grain based products including rice, crackers, and syrups). I like their products because they are NON-GMO, offer many organic products, and they make efforts to protect the land they farm. I also like the way their products taste! I buy their ‘stackers’ which are basically thin rice cakes that are made from either brown rice or a combo of quinoa and brown rice. They are great for snacks and party appetizers. I also buy their rice sometimes (the organic long grain, organic jasmine, organic wild rice, or the organic short grain brown rice). I do NOT buy their seasoned mixes because they often contain ingredients that I cannot eat.
  19. Farmhouse CultureThis company just started popping up at my local grocery stores in the refrigerated section (krauts and pickled vegetables) and in the chip aisle (sauerkraut chips, yes you heard me correctly!).  I really like their sea salt kraut chips and the dill pickle flavored chips, made from actual cabbage.  I don’t buy processed chips that often, but when we are traveling or if I need a quick snack in a pinch, these are a good choice. I am not familiar with their other products, but check out their site to read more about what they sell. 
  20. Forager – I am in LOVE with this company’s cashew yogurt!  They call it Cashewgurt, and it is an organic, creamy, nut-based alternative to dairy yogurts.   I like to buy their cashew yogurts weekly and alternate them with my So Delicious Coconut based yogurts.  Although they offer a few flavors now, I like the plain cashew yogurt the best, followed by the vanilla one.  The lemon one has a ‘lemony’ flavor that is nice if you like the tangy-citrus tastes versus sweet-milder flavors.  The blueberry was not for me; I like my berries fresh.  Sadly, I can’t eat the strawberry ones (allergic).  I like that they are creamy, low or lower sugar depending on what flavor you get, and have a little protein in them.  The plain yogurt mixes really well into recipes such as pancakes and other desserts.  Their website talks about all the products they have available, so if you’re interested, check it out. I have seen their drinakable yogurts and juices, but I have not tried them.  I know they have chips available now too, but they are not for sale yet at my local grocery stores.  
  21. Miyoko’s Vegan Creamery I am obsessed with their mozzarella ball cheese!  It is cashew and coconut based and tastes darn fabulous.  It melts, it works well in pastas and omelettes too.  I even spread it on crackers and wraps sometimes.  They make a lot of other cheeses and flavored spreads, but I have not tried them yet. 
  22. Wrawp – This company makes different types of wraps that are dehydrated and fabulous!  I am obsessed with their Veggie Lite Wrawps which are made from vegetables, flaxmeal, and coconut oil.  Full of fiber, rich in nutrients, and taste like lettuce.  I use them to make whatever wrap I might have made before with a tortilla.  You MUST wet them with water first (or you can warm in the microwave, per package directions), or they are impossible to eat.  Once they get wet, they are pliable within a few minutes.  They are pricey for a product that only contains 3 wraps per package, but you can buy them in bulk from the company directly to save some money.  I also wait until they go on sale and then buy a ton of them and keep them in my pantry.  
  23. Mom’s Cookies & Treats – I wish I had never discovered this company because it has become my most awful indulgence! The Skinny Mint Cookies are my favorite.  They are a large, single serving cookie that is coated in minty chocolate.  Reminded me of a thin mint but better.  I have never tried any of their other products, but based on how yummy these cookies taste, I am sure they are awesome.  Just the right combination of chocolate, mint and allergen free goodness – I warn you, you may fall in love with them just like me.  The owner personally emailed me after I tried her Skinny Mint Cookie for the first time and reached out to say thank you for creating such a delicious and allergen free treat.  I admired her customer service. 
  24. VioLife Dairy Alternatives This company has been around for many years in Europe and originates in Greece.  I had never seen any of their products until recently, here in the USA.  I find their dairy free alternative cheeses to be beyond awesome!  I think the cream cheese tastes like real cream cheese, the shredded cheeses work great for pastas and pizzas, and their mature cheddar slices are terrific on sandwiches.  My toddler loves their cheeses too, as does my husband who is not dairy free.  Their products are free from the common allergens and have added B12 vitamins.