Since life now revolves around our son, I always have him in mind when I am making meals for the week.  I introduced some mashed foods the last two weeks (banana, avocado, sweet potato), and I decided to go for a comforting chicken stew; all the veggies get nice a soft and we can smash them up for him.  It is also a really yummy way to introduce potatoes (yukon, white, gold).  So, for this recipe, I chose foods that I knew everyone in the family could eat, in one form or another.  I did chicken, carrots, gold potatoes, green beans, and baby spinach.  Once you get your prep done, this recipe is a piece of cake.  It just cooks on the stove while you do other things.  

I made this stew early in the morning during the baby’s nap (by the way, his morning naps are usually 30-45 minutes, so I knew it had to be a quick meal)!  On this cool and rainy day, it just seemed like a good choice.  Stew is a great comfort food on days like this one! 

Once it was done, I scooped out some vegetables (not the spinach) for the baby and smashed them well with a fork.  Here is a photo so you can see the difference between our stew and his stew.  Sorry it is such a close-up!  I set aside some for the next few days as well.  Everything was soft and smelled so yummy! 

Then I scooped some stew for my husband and I into some soup bowls.  We all enjoyed this hearty and delicious stew for lunch!  Although we didn’t have any on hand, you could always serve this with some nice bread or even a savory muffin (corn or millet for example).  

I can’t wait for leftovers!


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