This week, we bought turnips at the local Farmer’s Market.  Agricola, a local restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey that also has a farm stand at the market for selling produce, had lovely large turnips, so we bought a few.  The young lady working at the farm stand asked what I like to do with these turnips, so I told her, “They make the best noodles!”.  I LOVE to put them in soups, but turnip noodles are also delicious as a mock pasta.  You do need to cook them in a pan before eating them, but it does not take long at all.  We like these turnip noodles with everything from traditional marinara sauce to carrot marinara or even with pesto. 

This turnip noodle recipe has a kale pesto that is simply made with some Lacinato kale, baby spinach, olive oil, onions, and a pinch of salt and pepper.  Sometimes I add garlic for the hubby, who loves garlic, but we left it out this time.  Turnips are low in calories, have pretty much no fat in them at all, and are low carb compared to other starchy vegetables (and especially when compared to traditional grain pastas); plus, they are rich in potassium and vitamin C!

So how do you know what turnips to buy?  Look for ‘baseball sized’ turnips that have minimal to no brown spots on them.  They should be white with purple tops near where the root was attached.   In my experience, smaller turnips are sweeter and the larger ones have more of a ‘bite’ to them.  If you go medium, they are right in the middle and the flavor is still neutral enough to make recipes like this one. 

If you are trying to reduce your carb intake, lose weight, or find another way to get more veggies in your diet (or your child’s diet), try these turnip noodles.  Super easy and healthy!  In this picture, you can see that they start out as a somewhat stiff noodle, but once you cook them a little, they get softer and more pasta-like.  Have fun, vegetable noodle lovers!






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