The Farmer’s Market just opened here in our area, and we are so excited!  I LOVE buying local, fresh, organic produce from our farmers!  One of our favorite farms is North Slope Organic Farm in Lamberville, New Jersey.  Their produce is consistently fresh and fabulous each week.  If you are ever in their area (their market is open at the farm on Wednesdays), or can find them at one of the farmer’s markets, I highly recommend trying their produce. French Breakfast Radishes are available this time of year, so I bought a pound from North Slope; I made a colorful roasted veggie dish with them.  I added chopped Broccolini and Rainbow Carrots plus some sweet onions.  Toss in some olive oil, a dash of parsley and dill…viola!  Your very pretty and healthy side dish is ready to pop in the oven.  

[yumprint-recipe id=’65’] 

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