Carrots are a super healthy vegetable.  Lots of people know they are rich in Vitamin A and the antioxidant, beta-carotene, but they are also rich in other nutrients.  They contain antioxidants such as anthocyanindins (cyanindins, malvidins), and carotenoids (alpha-carotene and lutein), as well as other vitamins such as Biotin and Vitamin K. I have heard that a diet that includes carrots can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancers, and as you may now – they support eye health. 

Carrots are not just good for you, they taste good too!  This sweet vegetable comes in several colors including orange, yellow, purple, red and white.  It is easy to find the popular orange colored carrots at most grocery stores.  But, in recent years, I have been able to find ‘rainbow carrots’ at many stores as well; this bag of carrots usually includes orange, yellow, and purple.  Sometimes white carrots are in there too, but it is not as common.  Carrots are quite versatile as a vegetable.  I like to make carrot sticks for snacking, carrot fries for a kid-friendly side dish, carrot chips – which everyone enjoys, and carrot ribbons – my favorite way to enjoy them!  

In this recipe, I take rainbow carrots and make them into ribbons.  Then I mix them with spinach, olive oil, a few spices, and in 5 minutes, the food is done!  It is colorful, delicious, and super good for your body.  I love these in almost any saute that I make, but they also work well raw in a salad (and they look fancy).  The center part of the stick that is left after you make your ribbons is great for making other things.  You can cut them into raw sticks.  You can roast them as a ‘french fry’, or you can chop them up super small for a soup or pilaf.  If you make carrots this way – as a ribbon and then use the stick for something else- you end up making two carrot recipes within a matter of minutes.  Enjoy!

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