Savory Vegetable Pie

I am always looking for new ways to get vegetables into my diet.  I want to keep things interesting, don’t you?  No one likes to be bored with their food!  This savory vegetable pie was created when I had a slew of vegetables in the fridge and was craving something that felt like comfort food but wasn’t heavy or carb loaded.  The result was this baked savory pie that is almost completely made from vegetables.  I also added some gluten free flour to it to help hold it together.  

This dish works well as an entree, but it is a great side dish too.  We had it once as a ‘Meatless Monday’ meal and then the last time I made it, we served it with some ground turkey.  I think it would be a nice brunch dish that could substitute for a something like a fritatta (if you can’t have eggs, fritattas are a definite no-no).   However you decide to serve this savory vegetable pie, it will hopefully be satisfying for you and your family.  

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