Since I had my son in January, I have been on a ‘cook fast, eat fast’ routine because time is precious these days.  I don’t usually make crazy involved recipes to begin with, but the ones I am posting for the next two weeks are a little faster than usual.  This recipe is all vegetables and super easy to prepare.  Golden beets, endive, and green beans combine to make a lovely dish; you get the earthy sweet beet flavor, the bitter endive, and the sweet green beans in each bite.  They each provide different nutrients as well which is great for the body!  I added some shallots which mix nicely with this group of vegetables.  

The trick to making this recipe easy is the day-ahead preparation and a little extra planning.  Beets take some time to peel and slice or chop, so to make things easier, I will prep for two recipes at once.  For example, on Sunday I will peel 4 medium to large sized beets and spiralize 2 of them for a noodle dish.  FYI, I always cook the noodled beets right away because they start to turn brown pretty quickly after making them.  Then, while those beets are cooking, I will take the other 2 whole beets and slice them into a stick shape that is similar to a julienne or large matchstick shape.  The smaller you cut them, the faster they cook, so choose a size that works for your schedule.  

Now that the golden beets have been prepped, you can put them in a tightly sealed container and store them in the fridge until the next day.  Don’t wait too long or they’ll get soft and brown.  When you are ready to prepare Monday’s dinner, you take those pre-cut beets and toss them into a large saute pan with some olive oil.  Let them cook on medium heat for a few minutes and sprinkle them with your herbs and seasonings.  While they are cooking, wash your Belgium endive spear and slice into rounds.  Set aside for a few minutes.  Chop up your shallots into small pieces and add them to the beets in the pan.  For the green beans, I like to buy them in the pre-washed bag because they are pretty much ready to go (in the summer, we get them from the farmer’s market, but this is a quick and easy alternative in the meantime).  Give them a quick wash and lightly steam them in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Take 2 or 3 handfuls of the green beans (carefully) and add them to the beets and shallots.  Give it all a stir and add more olive oil if you need it.  You should let this all cook for a few minutes until your beets are getting soft enough to pierce with a fork; it is okay if they are still firm.  Once you can push a fork through a beet, add in your endive and remaining seasonings.  Let this vegetable dish cook on medium to low heat until the beets are cooked through and all the flavors are combined and caramelized.  It took me about 5 minutes to prep all the vegetables and another 5-7 minutes to cook everything on the stove.  

You can serve this pretty dish as a side or you can add a protein and make it a meal.  When we ate this last week, I sliced up some leftover grilled chicken and added it to this lovely combo.  Enjoy!     

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