A little while ago, I posted a recipe for my Buckwheat Pancakes, but they are not the only kind we make at my house.  I love these quinoa pancakes with blueberries since they feel homey and satisfying at the same time.  The blueberries are optional, but I feel like they add a little something extra to the recipe.  My husband does not like blueberries (I know, he is missing out in my opinion), so I usually make these quinoa pancakes two ways – half with berries, half without.  They taste great either way! 

These pancakes are lighter in color than the buckwheat ones and look more like a traditional pancake.  They are made with quinoa flour, which can be hard to find sometimes.  I used to order it online, but now I am finding that my local Shoprite carries it.  The recipe also calls for brown rice flour, arrowroot, coconut flour, and a few other ingredients.  They are not hard to make similar to regular pancakes; you just add all your ingredients into a bowl and mix…then you measure out your batter and cook them in a pan or on a griddle.  Done!  Next time your family is in the mood for some pancakes, give these a try.  Feel free to swap out the blueberries for your favorite pancake add-ins.  Just make sure the things you add won’t alter the batter texture and moisture too much or you’ll get mushy pancakes.  These also freeze well for 3-4 weeks if wrapped in foil and then inside a plastic Zip lock baggie. 

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