Brussel Sprouts are like little baby cabbages.  You can buy them in a bag, in the produce section loose, or even still attached to the stalk.  Some stores even shred them for you in nice neat packages!  They happen to pair extremely well with foods such as bacon and apples.  I love the flavors of the sweet apples with the salty bacon combined with the cabbage-like sprouts.  If you have never tried mixing these flavors, you should try this recipe, A.S.A.P.  It goes really well as a side dish to roast turkey, roast pork, seafood, and even mixed into a quinoa or rice bowl.  Sometimes, I like to just eat this dish on its own because it has a filling quality to it; there is protein, vegetable, fiber, and lots of nutrients. 

The last time I made this recipe was around Thanksgiving.  Brussel sprouts are quite popular around the holidays and I was jumping on the band wagon when I saw them on sale at the store.  It felt like I had made comfort food, but it wasn’t heavy or fattening.  Just remember that you don’t have to wait until the holidays to make brussel sprouts – they are available almost all year round and can be a nice addition to any weekly menu.  Besides, since they are a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, they are super good for you! 


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