When I was feeling under the weather recently, I went on a mega soup kick, creating a variety of different soups and stews to try and make myself feel better.  This vegetable and turnip noodle soup was a new recipe that I was eager to try; it feels like a noodle soup but has no grain based noodles in it.  It is comforting, healthy, and simple to make.  I have made it vegetarian, with ground turkey, ground pork, little lamb meatballs and even cubes or shreds of chicken breast.  If you’re looking to keep it vegetarian and want to add some additional protein, try adding some white beans or navy beans, green peas, or quinoa to the soup when it is cooking.  All provide extra protein and add flavor to this dish.  However you decide to make this vegetable and turnip noodle soup, I hope it will you bring comfort and satisfaction!  

[yumprint-recipe id=’45’] 

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