Pizza is one of those foods that we all want to eat even with food allergies.  There are some restaurants now that cater to the gluten free – vegan pizza customer, but they are still hard to find.  I have not tried any of the frozen options on the market, but I heard that a few of them are decent.  I created this recipe when I wanted to make pizza without the effort of making the dough.  The result was a fantastic and simple pizza recipe that my whole family enjoys!  These little pizzas are just strong enough to hold the sauces and cheeses without falling apart.  They are crispy around the edges and cheesy and yummy on the inner parts.  In just 15 minutes you’ll have a personal pizza for anyone in the household!  You can also serve these pizzas with a side salad or another side dish of your choice. They are best served while still fresh from the oven, and they don’t keep that well in the fridge.  They still taste good, but the tortilla does get a little soggy if it sits overnight. 

I like to have my pizza with a vegetable pesto-like sauce.  I usually use a combination of baby spinach and Lacinato kale for my pesto, but sometimes I mix in a little arugula for a different set of flavors.  If you’re not familiar with this type of kale, I added a link here so you can learn a little more about it.  I like it better than the curly kale varieties because it is flatter like a collard green, has a slightly softer texture than the curly kale, and it is really easy to cook in a variety of ways.  It works well in this recipe. 

My husband prefers his pizza to be more like a traditional plain cheese and marinara pizza.  You can decide which one appeals to you and/or your household the most.  I included both ‘sauces’ below. 

When it comes to the cheeses, I usually use the Follow Your Heart Soy-Free Mozzarella block of cheese and either slice it into very thin slices or I shred it.  This is my preferred cheese because the pea protein in the Daiya cheeses has been bothering me in recent years (I have a pea pod allergy).  So, I have used the Daiya mozzarella in this recipe too, just not recently.  FYI, it melts a lot better than the follow your heart blocks.  If you like soy cheeses or cashew cheeses, feel free to use one of those instead.  I am sure they would all work just fine.  

You can make personal pizzas for each adult in your house.  Your kids may want the whole thing or just half.  I think it goes really well with a side salad or you can make fries to go with it (carrot fries, potato fries, sweet potato, etc.).  I hope you like these little pizzas as much as we do!     tortilla-pizza-250x250







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