Have you ever gone to a party where the host/hostess was serving artichoke dip?  It is creamy, rich, and totally an indulgence!  It is definitely on my list of things that I used to gravitate towards at parties before I developed food allergies and changed my diet.  I felt the same way about chocolate chip cookies and that creamy spinach dip that is often served inside a hollowed out bread roll – and you can dip the bread pieces or vegetables in it.  Gosh, that was rich and fabulous. 

I am a fan of artichokes because they are a nice source of protein and fiber compared to some other vegetables.  This year, I have been roasting them for a variety of recipes. I prefer to buy them frozen because they are a ‘blank slate’ and you can make them whatever you want.  The canned and jar packaged artichokes often contain tons of salt.  I also like them this way because there is NO prep work essentially; just put them on a prepared cookie sheet and roast them in the oven at 415 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.  I typically season them with olive oil, oregano, basil, parsley, and occasionally a little salt and pepper which makes them feel more Italian and flavorful.  Then I can use these delicious and nutrient rich artichokes for recipes such as pasta sauce, as a main component in a spread for homemade biscuit bread, or as the main ingredient in my healthy vegan artichoke dip.  

The recipe that I am discussing in this post is all about the vegan artichoke dip.  It is much healthier than the typical dip you would see at parties, but it still goes well with breads, crackers, and vegetables.  To be completely honest, it is not nearly as rich or as cheesy, but it is satisfying and quite enjoyable.  Try this recipe out next time you’re looking for a guilt free way to enjoy snacking at a party. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’33’] 

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