As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I have noticed all the fall vegetables and traditional ‘eats’ popping up in prominent displays at the grocery stores.  Although I eat carrots regularly, I was inspired to buy some of the local farms leftover, loose carrots this week.  There were gorgeous purple, yellow, and orange colors – calling to me and asking me to take them home!  So, I bought some of each color (they were on sale because they were loose and no longer in bunches; great way to save a little money when you are shopping) with the idea of making a new carrot recipe. If you have never bought rainbow carrots before, don’t worry at all about the taste. They all taste like carrots, exactly the same. They just look different. FYI, when you peel away the outer layers of the purple carrots, you will find the centers are actually yellow. 

But, what else should I put in the recipe?  I stayed on the holiday inspired theme and bought some dried cranberries made by a company called, Patience Fruit Company.  The fact that their dried fruit was organic, had 3 ingredients, and was only sweetened with apple juice caught my eye.  I also bought some lovely green beans because I wanted to add some additional color to this recipe.  Combine all those beautiful colors with some shallots and chicken/vegetable stock and you have a new vegetable side dish. 

We liked this recipe so much that it may show up on a holiday table in the near future! 

[yumprint-recipe id=’32’]

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