Like many people, I grew up eating canned tuna fish and it was a fast and easy lunch, dinner, or snack.  Loaded with protein and very affordable, tuna was a good option for many recipes; you can use it to make ‘tuna noodle casserole’, add it to your salad, or make what my grandmother always called, ‘tuna salad’.  It was always served with egg salad, chicken salad, or even seafood salad.  Bagels were often close by.  Since I can no longer eat traditional mayonnaise and most of the vegan options are problematic for me one way or another (soy based, pea protein in it, etc.), I came up with this delicious way to have ‘tuna salad’ and feel really good about it.  

I like this recipe a lot because it is full of protein, nutrients and fiber, but low in fat and sodium.  It works well in salads, with other cooked vegetable sides, mixed into a pasta dish such as a casserole, or can be eaten on its own.  If you’re having a party with typical cold salads, bagels, and lox, this blends right in as a ‘healthier’ alternative that is still filling, satisfying, and super easy to make.  When we had a brunch at my house last year, I served this along side regular egg salad and traditional tuna salad.  It was also a big hit when I brought it to a friend’s house to be served with frittatas, sausages, and bagels and lox. 

This recipe can be made a few days ahead of time and keeps well in the refrigerator for 3 days.  

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