Last year, I read online somewhere that sorghum, a naturally gluten free grain, could be made into popcorn.  So, I decided that since I had a bag of sorghum in the pantry, why not try it out?  Well, it was quite amazing the first time I did it!  You take the little tan balls of sorghum and place them in a small brown lunch bag, roll the top over so there is good closure but plenty of room for the balls to shake and grow.  Then you put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time;  you will start to hear tiny popping sounds, similar to when popcorn cooks but not as loud.  After each minute, give it a shake and carefully check to see if it is popping (not burning).  In just under 3 minutes, I had a cup of baby sized popped sorghum that smelled just like popcorn cooking.  It also looked like the mini version!  Best part of all…it tastes just like popcorn! 

If you like unsalted popcorn, it is ready to eat as soon as it cools.  If not, you can add some non-dairy butter, salt, or other sweet seasonings like cinnamon or chocolate drizzles.  I like it two ways – with a tiny drizzle of non-dairy butter for when I am in a savory mood, or with a little drizzle of dark chocolate and some sea salt for those sweet craving days.  Both ways are super delicious and easy to make. I also like using it as one of the grain components in my snack bars (that recipe will be coming soon).

It is a very healthy popcorn substitute (very nice when you have a corn allergy and just want to have a little popcorn and can’t), and is rich in vitamins, fiber and protein.  Best bonus of all… the kids seem to LOVE this because it is super duper cute and tastes like popcorn.   

By the way, sorry there wasn’t much left in the bowl in the main post picture. I ate most of it before I remembered to take the picture!  Here is a close-up for you just in case you want to see it a little better. sorghum-popcorn







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