I find that breakfast is my toughest meal of the day.  I feel like I need a nutritious breakfast that is low in sugar (and carbs), but higher in protein and fiber to keep me going through the morning.  That can be a challenge when you’re on a restricted diet like mine.  As a result, I often eat the same few things for breakfast most days, and although I love those particular foods, it does feel like I am lacking in variety sometimes.  What do I eat most of the time?  Well, I enjoy yogurt (So Delicious Coconut is my favorite in plain or chocolate flavors) with things mixed into it such as fresh fruit, flaxmeal, or nut butter/chopped nuts.  I also have cereal once in a while too with fresh blueberries.  Sometimes I make buckwheat or coconut flour pancakes, or even hot cereals from quinoa or millet grits, but that is a less frequent choice since it is more time consuming in the morning and higher in carbs.  Smoothies are a regular on the menu too; my favorites include blueberry-cranberry, cocoa-nut butter, and banana cocoa. 

Turkey bacon and sausages are fantastic too – the only problem is that it can get really expensive buying those higher quality meats on a regular basis, so we do it once a month.  When I do decide to treat myself (and my husband) to a special breakfast that includes sausage or bacon, I go for Applegate’s Organic Turkey Bacon (they sell non-organic and organic) or Bilinski’s Apple & Chicken Sausages.  They are both super easy to make and can go with tons of recipes!  In this post, I wanted to share a simple recipe that explains one way that I eat these Bilinski’s sausages.  I like to mix it with cauliflower rice because of a few reasons:  it adds lots of fiber and nutrients to my breakfast, it tampers down the spiciness of the sausages (they are mild to most people, but apparently they are spicy to me), and it makes my meal much more filling. 

Besides this recipe, I enjoy adding the sausages or turkey bacon to sauteed leafy greens, rice bowls, quinoa bowls, and pasta dishes.  They add super yummy flavors and satisfying yet lean protein.  

[yumprint-recipe id=’24’]   

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