Kid Friendly Recipes

  • Sweet Potato Muffins

    Can you tell that we have been on a sweet potato kick lately in our house?  We buy them much more often than we used to because our son LOVES them.  As a result, I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to make them so that we’re not just eating baked sweet potatoes […]

  • Sweet Potato & Quinoa Veggie Burgers

    When I made sweet potatoes a few weeks ago, I had a ton of leftovers and was trying to find a creative way to re-use them.  I came up with this sweet potato and quinoa veggie burger and it was a hit with the whole fam (baby included)!  I was really just experimenting when I […]

  • Turnip Pasta with Carrot Ribbons and Arugula

    I am amazed at how many people scoff at the idea of eating turnips.  They are a great, nutritious vegetable and can be used in so many different ways!  My first questions are, “When did you eat them and how did you cook them?”.  People usually say that they remember eating the bitter turnip greens […]

  • Just Green Beans, in 3 Colors

    When we went to the Farmer’s Market two weeks ago, one of our preferred organic farms had tri-colored green beans!  They told us they taste very similar to each other, so we bought a big basket full.  They were gorgeous – rich purple, white-ish yellow and regular green bean colors.  The purple ones tasted just […]

  • Chicken Stew for the Family

    Since life now revolves around our son, I always have him in mind when I am making meals for the week.  I introduced some mashed foods the last two weeks (banana, avocado, sweet potato), and I decided to go for a comforting chicken stew; all the veggies get nice a soft and we can smash […]

  • Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but they are very nutrient rich; they are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and several B vitamins.  They are easy to make and can be served as fries, spirals, baked potatoes, smashed/mashed potatoes, or as puree.  We usually eat them as fries along side a variety of […]

  • Introducing Peanuts to the baby!

    As a person with food allergies, I dread introducing highly allergenic foods to my son.  Our pediatrician said we should be introducing foods such as peanuts and eggs as soon as possible.  EEK!  Although I am not allergic to peanuts, I know so many people who are, and it is a scary allergy.  We have […]

  • Homemade Baby food – Apples

    My son is finally old enough to eat purees!  Yay!  As a speech language pathologist and foodie, I have been counting down the days until we could start eating food.  I received a baby food maker, the Baby Brezza, as a gift, and was thrilled to test it out.  After much deliberation, I chose sweet […]

  • kohlrabi-noodles-allergen free Kohlrabi ‘Pasta’

    This time of year, Kohlrabi is available at our local farmer’s markets and sometimes at the local grocery stores.  People ask me all the time, “What is this vegetable and what do you do with it?”  The easiest answer is:  It is a vegetable similar to cabbage, but tastes like an apple and a turnip […]

  • Black Bean Pasta Noodle Bowl

    Have you noticed how they make pasta out of practically everything these days?  I like that the pastas that I used to search for tirelessly, and pay a fortune for several years ago, are now readily available at pretty much every grocery store (and much cheaper too!).  My husband and I really enjoy the black […]