Desserts & Sweet Treats

  • Can you tell that we have been on a sweet potato kick lately in our house?  We buy them much more often than we used to because our son LOVES them.  As a result, I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to make them so that we’re not just eating baked sweet potatoes […]

  • For anyone who doesn’t already know, I am a true chocoholic.  I am always looking for ways to sneak chocolate into my day without the excess sugar.  I created this recipe in an attempt to make a brownie that had both protein and fiber in it, but still tasted satisfying.  No baking is required – […]

  • gluten-free-vegan-protein-balls

    Have you tried Hemp?  A year or two ago, a friend told me to try Hemp Hearts for added protein and I finally gave in and gave it a whirl.  It was not what I expected, probably because I didn’t know what to really expect – taste wise.  However, it did give me an idea […]

  • no-bake-cake-bites-allergen-free

    Even though I don’t crave sweets the way I used to, I have been fighting off old urges since my pregnancy hit 35 weeks or so.  To prevent myself from going mad with pregnancy cravings, I decided to try some new recipes that would offer satisfaction but not be overwhelmingly sweet.  These No Bake Blueberry […]

  • I don’t make cookies all that often because I try to watch my carbs and sugars carefully.  I also have poor self-control when it comes to sweet treats, so if they are not around I am not tempted to eat them.  However, sometimes, either the occasion calls for some delicious cookies or I just REALLY […]

  • gluten-free-vegan-muffin-easy

    Both corn and millet are gluten free grains that can be used for a variety of recipes.  My Millet-Corn Muffins are a quick and easy option for breakfasts, snacks, or desserts.  I sometimes have them for breakfast with a side of turkey bacon or a little yogurt.  Other times, they really hit the spot as […]

  • gluten-free-vegan-easy-apple-dessert

    Even though fall is almost over, I am still enjoying the fall food flavors as much as I can. Apples are a big time favorite in our house, so I am always looking for new ways to eat them. This apple turnover recipe is quick and easy. Instead of using dough or other traditional ingredients […]

  • gluten-free-vegan-breakfast

    Yogurt is something I totally love, and I eat it pretty much every day.  I usually buy coconut milk yogurt by So Delicious, and I definitely prefer two flavors in particular…plain and chocolate.  I usually have the chocolate yogurt as a dessert or mix a spoonful of it into my plain yogurt for some extra […]

  • glute-free-egg-free-macaroons

    A few years ago, when celebrating Passover with my family, I realized how much I REALLY wanted macaroons.  Sadly, they are almost always made with eggs, especially if they are gluten free.  That following weekend, I was determined to create an egg free macaroon that not only tasted good, but could be made during the […]

  • allergen-free-popcorn-alternative

    Last year, I read online somewhere that sorghum, a naturally gluten free grain, could be made into popcorn.  So, I decided that since I had a bag of sorghum in the pantry, why not try it out?  Well, it was quite amazing the first time I did it!  You take the little tan balls of […]