Quinoa Pancakes

A little while ago, I posted a recipe for my Buckwheat Pancakes, but they are not the only kind we make at my house.  I love these quinoa pancakes with blueberries since they feel homey and satisfying at the same time.  The blueberries are optional, but I feel like they add a little something extra […]

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Buckwheat Pancakes

There are two breakfast foods that I love – anything with eggs (egg sandwiches, omelets, over-easy, poached with toast, fritatta) and then of course all types of yogurt combinations.  Since I cannot eat eggs anymore, I am always on the look out for other options.  My husband LOVES all the ‘bready’ breakfasts such as French […]

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Apple Sausages with Cauliflower Rice

I find that breakfast is my toughest meal of the day.  I feel like I need a nutritious breakfast that is low in sugar (and carbs), but higher in protein and fiber to keep me going through the morning.  That can be a challenge when you’re on a restricted diet like mine.  As a result, […]

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