Enjoy Life Pizzas

The Enjoy Life Company makes some fantastic products for people with all types of food allergies.  If you have never tried their cookies, cereal bars, boxed mixes, or chocolates, I highly recommend checking them out.  Although I usually cook from scratch, I wanted to try Enjoy Life’s pizza dough.  It is quite simple to use […]

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Veggie Latkes

This recipe came to life around Hanukkah because I didn’t want our latkes to be all potato.  I tried a few different versions of these little veggie latkes, and this recipe was the one that everyone agreed tasted the best.  I remember my brother telling me one version that had lots of beet shreds and […]

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Weekly Feature – Cashews

Cashews are a most amazing nut!  You can use them to make cream cheese-like spreads/dips, milks, yogurts, ice creams, and homemade nut butter.  You can of course eat them whole, candied, roasted, salted, or dipped in chocolate.  They work well in trail mixes (just beware of sugary content in those blends, but if you make […]

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